Boxed Beef 4-Ward® was created in 2011 by Cassandra Fish and Daniel Bluntzer to provide real-time forward pricing guidance to wholesale beef sellers and buyers.

Fish, an independent livestock and meat consultant, broker and advisor since 2006 was formerly with IBP/Tyson Fresh Meats as Senior Director of Risk management and has worked in the industry for over three decades. Learn more about Fish at

Bluntzer, with a graduate degree from Texas A & M, worked for Cargill Investor Services, Sparks and Company (now Informa) and Koch Beef Company before joining Frontier Risk Management in 1999 as the Director of Research. In 2015, Bluntzer co-founded New Frontier Capital Markets, LLC, a brokerage firm specializing in hedging for the livestock, meat, grain and oilseeds industries. Learn more about Bluntzer at

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